Welcome to Ouran Host Club Collab

Caution: Possible yuri, yaoi, silliness, and violence...and lots of fake tears. Ladies and gents we proudly and humbly welcome you to the 3rd floor music room. And we are the Host Club~ It first began with Tamaki, then it carried on to another lad. Now it begins again with someone new.

August 22nd, 2011, 1:49 pm

Applications Closed

Sorry for not getting back to everyone. I'm in the final week of school right now and everything is pretty hectic. But yes we are not accepting new applications from anyone due to all the applications accepted by me and the others.

We apologize for not informing you guys earlier and we hope that you'll still read our comic.

July 26th, 2011, 11:59 pm

Temporarily Closed

Yes its closed before it even began. Why? Well I had a group of friends start the Ouran comic *King Torrin* and we haven't done this together in a while. So before I'm opening it to new people I want to see if the old people wanted to come back first.

Also I'm creating a forum for the comic and a chatroom. The Forum is for things like "Hosts/Hostess Diaries" crack pairing art, or planning for the comic. The chatroom is where we rp or instant chat with each other.

Well see you soon. Things might kick up in the first or second week of August!


My fellow artist here is the beloved forum: http://ohcc.activeboard.com/

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